Distributed Agile Development

While working across multiple time zones and heavy delivery hours along an evolving business environment Distributed Agile is the one ultimate savior for all your result showings.
Understanding Distributed Agile Development Process with Acompworld

Sometimes in reality, the traditional development process with all distinct phases like planning, coding, execution and launch may not turn out to be the perfect recipe. Flaws can be regarding the time it takes or maybe the fear that by the time it actually gets completed it might become obsolete.

In such cases, Agile development is worth a try. Rapid-prototyping and user feedback brings along the next version of the released code in virtually no time.

But again Agile development is not as easy as it seems particularly when you are looking to outsource a part or whole of it to third party.

Difficulties may creep in as

  • Management of frequent code release.
  • Maintaining the feedback cycle.
  • Requirements which keeps on evolving.
The Goal of this life isn’t to be perfect but to be progressively less stupid. –Marshall Rosenberglast-Quote

Acompworld and Agile Development

We understand Agile and its requirements. Which is why when you want to outsource your project using Agile we help you

Some of them are

  • Understanding the business needs which product needs to fulfill.
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities to all team members
  • Maintaining a communication loop with you for feeds and update.
  • Analyzing feedback from the customers and incorporating it in the next release
  • Maintaining reliability and continuity in terms of releases on fixed schedules.
  • Sharing daily information so that we both work in tandem.
  • Finalizing on a common bug tracker to use for both of us.

Keep pushing on updates without delay, removing waste and delivering code without compromising on quality.