Engagement Models

You actually never know what really you are going to get

It’s like having a supper for the first time at a friend’s home. You don’t know what the dish would be like, how will the taste pan out, how many dishes would be there and will your body be able to digest such an experiment or not?

We don’t want you to feel for a bad experience during our outsourcing engagement. We want our experience to be like the meal you’ll never forget, its pleasant aroma of affluent taste should be remembered like never before every time you go to meal.

You must know how we work to ensure it comes good when it actually happens.

Pick and choose or mix and match

We generally work by these three engagement models; however we can tweak them to meet your requirements.

  • Dedicated Resource Model by Best Outsourcing Company

    Dedicated resources

    What it means? You’ll get our people to work for you exclusively on your projects. You will have the services of well experienced coders, managers at your disposal without even having to worry about their pay, allowances and benefits. We do all that stuff for you.

    How it works? First things first, you’ll have to provide us with the list of your broad requirements. We will assign the job to the best technical team we have and hand them over to you.

    You will have the full liberty to make changes in your team which will report directly to you in terms of all the latest developments. We will be keeping a continuous eye on the same and for maintaining quality standards.

    Who should use it? If you got an idea of what exactly you need and would like to focus on the core business only then this one is the correct choice.

  • Fixed Price Model for Outsourcing Software Development Company

    Fixed Price

    What is it? Under this you will get a detail for pricing of some common projects with deadlines and definite requirements.

    How does it work? After getting done with the project requirements, deadlines and possible budget, we will allocate an exclusive team for the execution to begin.

    Sometime we will have to change the team size. However, one project manager will be always there who will keep you updated on the progress of your project. Your personal involvement is a little more recommended in this model as it was with Dedicated Offshore Resource Model.

    Who should use it? If you prefer customization as the top priority while building, designing a single development project you should definitely go for this.

  • Time and Material Model for Offshore Software Development Company

    Time and material

    What is it?Under this model the billings will be made depending on how much time has been invested.

    How does it work? We will get you a team with diverse technicalities which will get upon the work without even needing a detailed specification to begin.

    Here also we can change the team size depending upon the project requirements and will ourselves let you know the progress unlike other models with project managers.

    Who should use it? If you are not sure about the exact requirements and scope of the project then this model actually defines the needful.

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