Software Development Process

The art of converting ideas to life is called Software Development.
  • Understanding the complete Software Development Process of Acompworld


    Understanding phase involves detailed analysis of your business and sorting out the pain points. Our team will be then ready with a course of action to be followed, soon after getting your thumbs up.

  • Planning out the development with best software development company


    After getting your recommendations listed, our plan of action will be ready. Then further in our planning phase we will figure out the software requirements, scope of our project and deadlines which we will let you know about and discuss in order to make the development process smooth and flexible.

  • Custom Software Development building to the needs of business


    This is the phase where we actually start building, we start executing the plan we made earlier keeping in mind the requirements and ultimate goal of our project followed by some high-order testing. Meanwhile, in between all this we will keep you informed about the latest developments.

  • Deployment and completion of entire Software Development Process


    Under deployment we make the product go live but it’s still under the scanner for several good little revisions until it turns out to be a perfecto. For the purpose it will require a hosting on app stores, markets or third party servers depending upon its architecture.

Software development is not a rocket science but still it is advisable to break the entire process into these small steps.

Our 10 year experience has taught us the importance of proper planning and correct management. Irrespective of the order of your enterprise it is highly recommended to undergo the above route rather than going an impatient way in a software development process.

For Instance if you follow the Waterfall method for a technology that aligns well with scrum you are heading towards a dead end.

Hence for the reason a well documented approach is much recommended and invites appreciation from the end users when we talk results

QuoteFirst, solve the problem. Then, write the code. –John JohnsonQuote