Mobile App Development

Get the most beautiful Apps out of world’s most widely used platforms.

Since 2007 we have developed over 200 native consumer and enterprise apps for mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

We are a member of the iOS App Developer Program, a registered Google Play Developer and a Silver Partner for Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program. This means we have access to the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs to develop updated and cutting edge apps on following mobile platforms.

Compact and Functional Apps designed from best Mobile App Development Company

iPad App Development

Going Mobile! Going Native! Going iPAD!
Best iPad App Development Company for native apps.

People find it easy using apps on their device rather going to the mobile site. Giving them what they want we started designing native iPad apps, as soon the platform got launched. Many a people were seen dumping their PC over iPad. And for the ones who understand technology there is no bargaining.

iPad apps may include

  • Social Networking
  • m-Commerce
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Gaming Apps

iPhone App Development

Moving to iPhone. Moving to the very best.
Native Apps for world's most widely platform in iPhone.

You’ll probably need an expert to see your App standing out amongst million others. We’ll help you build the custom iPhone app for the most widely used mobile device across the globe. But just like every other thing in the world they have their restrictions –

  • Can’t run two Apps at one time
  • 3rd party applications are barred in background
  • Compatibility needs reporting on different versions

But still iPhone is the leading smartphone and shares 30% of the market with 700,000 Apps already running on devices.


Android App Development

If your App is not on Android then it’s not on Mobile.
Android App Development Company for most widely used platform.

Android apps live in a multi-device world. Here rules aren’t strict but performance is. Quality assurance takes time along the 2.X to 5.X or from Gingerbread to Lollipop they all go under severe and repetitive testing. We have gone through the ups and down thereby know what it takes to come out with a beautiful and functional unit.

The range of Android apps we cover are –

  • Mobile commerce Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Social Networking
  • Informative and m-News

Windows App Development

If you can’t go by the Door. Go Windows!
Mobile App Development Company for windows platform.

With more than 100,000 apps already running in the app Windows App store, there is no better time to build one. Most of the businesses are moving to windows apps many thanks to Microsoft’s reward system. So no one can afford to lag behind and caught struggling in the race to growing their brand. 3 reasons why windows apps are better –

  • Not Open-sourced hence Secure
  • Strict rules enhances Quality
  • Consistent in all Windows devices

HTML5 App Development

Its Free, Its Easy, Its Secure. Its HTML5 and its Platform-Independent.
HTML5 App Development Company for platform independent Apps.

Enterprises are moving hard and fast to HTML5 Mobile Apps as they are cheap, easy to manage, secure and runs smoothly across all platforms and also they don’t come with the download and install barrier. They are the ideal replacement to native apps and are supported by almost every latest version of the desktop and mobile browsers. We’ll help you build one such beauty with no hitches to cater. Features of HTML5 Apps –

  • Inexpensive and Easy structure
  • Platform Independent
  • Lacks superior UI and functions
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