IBM Quantum System One (CES 2020)

What is quantum computing?

It is not an advanced version of classical computing, it's completely a different type of computing that uses the concept of quantum mechanics and quantum physics. It uses collective properties of quantum states like entanglement, interference, and superpositions for calculations. Instead of working with classical bits(0 and 1), it works with quantum bits or qubits where it can also use multiple bits simultaneously (eg: 0 and 1 together)

There are companies (like Google, IBM, Amazon, etc.) that have already developed first-generation quantum computers and is available to use with the help of the cloud. Due to its harness on superposition and uncertainty, it can potentially change our lives.

Sectors that are already getting benefits from quantum computing


It can be used in design and analysis for drug development, as it also runs on the same quantum simulation properties which are used by a molecule to simulate. It might be a game-changer in the health care sector by developing medicines for various incurable diseases like cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.


One of the most important impacts of quantum computers is to make our data safe and secure. The current encryption system can be decrypted by using a quantum computer, on the other hand, It can be used to create private keys to encrypt messages with the help of their command on uncertainty and this encryption is far more secure than the current one.


Scientists are working on developing a channel for sharing information from one device to another without actually transmitting the information. I know it sounds weird but it can be possible by using the entanglement property of quantum computers. This will take the internet to the next level by allowing us to share valuable information in no time.


It can help in managing trillions of discrete decisions to make transport and shipping services much easier to handle. It can optimize these services using various traffic control signals and finding the best optimal route to ensure timely delivery of important goods and services.


Quantum computing helps researchers accurately understand the chemical reaction within a battery at the molecular level which will help them to create more efficient and effective batteries for electric vehicles and other purposes. Which will be helpful for our environment.

Similar to a supercomputer it is also used for oil and gas exploration but in the most efficient way.


In banks, it will be helpful in risk management, asset management, credit origination, etc. Additionally, In the stock market, it can be used to recognize patterns with the help of enhanced machine learning capabilities.

Climate Forecasting

A quantum computer can give weather predictions beyond our imagination. It can handle a huge amount of data and various dynamic variables (like air pressure, humidity level, temperature, etc.) more efficiently than a supercomputer and can give more accurate predictions within very less time by using quantum machine learning and pattern recognition. With accurate weather forecasting, we can reduce the loss and manage various climate-based industries like transportation, crop production, and more.

Space Research

Due to their fastest processing capability, it makes space research easier. On the other hand, NASA has also developed a quantum Lazer system that uses quantum entanglement property for establishing a better connection with International Space Station.

Apart from these sectors, there are many other sectors too where a quantum computer can be a game-changer. Although quantum computing is still in its initial phase but still allows us to see far beyond our horizons.

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